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 Sustainable knitwear made to order

Every Caulis piece is made to MEASURE in Montreal with ethical and environmentally friendly materials.


Materials used in Caulis knits are environmentally friendly; prioritizing certified organic yarns, low-impact dyes and natural fibres. Each piece of knit or crochet fabric is made directly into its final shape, meaning there are no discarded off cuts in the creation of a new product.


Comfort above everything. Our knitwear is made with your measurements, in comfortable cuts, with natural and luxurious materials. Fine wools, breathable cottons and lightweight Tencel™ yarns are carefully selected for their softness and wearability.


I made your clothes. Each piece is made in-studio by myself (hi!) in Montreal. I purchase my yarns from local mills, so even the materials used are made in Canada. I also look into where my suppliers source their fibre from, ensuring an ethical production chain.


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